When I started MwM in 2018, I wanted to help Moms connect, both online and in person. I welcomed my twins in 2017 and struggled to get out of the house and felt very lonely as a new Mom. I realised that I wasn’t alone at all, and that many other Moms had the same feelings. I started arranging casual meetups via Facebook with a few other Moms in Amsterdam and the community continued to grow. Today the community has over 4000 members worldwide.

Obviously connection feels even more personal... in person! But given the changes to all of our lives during the corona crisis, the virtual connection feels even more important now. After my daughter was unexpectedly born with a rare medical condition, my postpartum period went much differently than planned and my mental health suffered, I wondered just how many Moms were also faced with unexpected circumstances, were blindsided by the 'invisible' aspects of motherhood which are not openly discussed, or just need a space to share their story and connect with other Moms who had a similar experience.

Moments with Mothers focuses on sharing a variety of stories of motherhood - stories of hope and pain and grief and happiness - stories about the beauty and hardships of motherhood - stories about the invisible struggles of mothers

and especially to bring awareness to the invisible populations of mothers who live with extremely difficult circumstances. 


Now more than ever, sharing our stories of motherhood feels like the best way to help us remember that we are never alone in how we are feeling, no matter where we physically are located.

Anna Meijer - Founder - Moments with Mothers

How can I share my story?
Are you interested in sharing your story? I would love to hear from you! Email us at: info@momentswithmothers.com

Moments with Mothers is a not-for-profit initiative. Donations go directly towards initiatives supporting global maternal (mental & physical) health.

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