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Moments with Mothers is an inclusive platform, a place for all mothers, everywhere, to feel supported, to feel heard, to know that they are not alone. Moments with Mothers is a not-for-profit initiative. Donations go directly towards the MwM Charity fun which supports initiatives advocating for global maternal (mental & physical) health.



A new and extremely important survey has been launched to better understand the impact of COVID-19 on pregnancy and infancy on a global scale.

Pregnant women and birthing persons who are 18-years of age or older can participate in the study by completing surveys online anywhere in the world. 


The HOPE COVID-19 study is being led by the  University of California San Francisco School of Medicine.

“We are interested in the experiences of all women and birthing persons. The survey is open to anyone (around the world) to participate."

"Every piece of information, every single survey response, is important and helps the world understand what the circumstances are like for pregnant women and birthing persons. We want people to be seen and know that someone cares about how they feel and what their experience are like."

Read more about the survey and how to participate on our blog here.

Are you pregnant and interested in participating in the survey to help the HOPE COVID-19 team better support pregnant and new Moms, and their infants during the pandemic? Enroll today!


African Health Now (AHN) transforms local spaces into medical clinics, bringing primary health care directly to African communities who need it.

AHN also partners with the local clinic in Ghana to help expecting mothers learn about health and nutrition and also educated fathers through Pregnancy School programs.


African Health Now also provides free postpartum "Maternity Go Boxes" to women participating in the Pregnancy School programs. Each box includes necessary health and hygiene supplies needed to support mothers and their newborns during the first weeks.

“It’s a simple box, a box with simple essentials that every mother that has ever done this amazing thing called childbirth, needs and deserves. In 2019 we gave out 600 boxes to women in Ghana and Nigeria. Our goal for 2020 is to reach 20,000 mothers across Ghana and Nigeria."



The Alabama Prison Birth Project supports the ‘invisible’ population of incarcerated pregnant women in the USA.

This important program is  working hard to break the cycle of ‘womb-prison’ by providing one-on-one, peer support to expectant mothers imprisoned in Alabama.

"When a woman has a baby they see the opportunity to have a new start and create a brighter future for their children. By continuously nurturing them through their pregnancy and birthing time, modelling healthy relationships for them, validating their experience by reflecting back their feelings, and holding space around them as they welcome and separate from their newborns, we hope to encourage a continued connection between them and their babies." says Ashley, a trained doula, and Mom of 2, who helps run the program.


Many women and children are living in undesirable situations in Bali.


Life in Indonesia for an unwanted baby is grim. They are often left in rice fields to die or sold illegally. Older children are often abandoned when a relationship breaks down or the child is of mixed ethnicity or religion. Babies and children with disabilities are considered shameful and often abandoned. Illness, particularly mental illness, is misunderstood and there is little compassion shown to those suffering. Babies born from rape and incest are particularly vulnerable, as are their mothers who are often teenagers. 

Domestic violence against women is prevalent. Many women are living in undesirable situations with their husband and his family.


There is often little support from the woman’s family and their respective villages. There is little external infrastructure to support these children and women.

The Bali Mother and Baby House is a safe place for women and children who have nowhere else to go. They take in babies, children and woman faced with these dreadful situations and look after them for as long as they want to stay. 


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