Looking for a unique gift this holiday season? We have put together a special gift guide including products made by Moms, for Moms. Many feature sustainable products and/or a charitable aspect - meaning when you purchase one of these gifts, you both support another Mom and pay it forward as well. 


This Is Postpartum

This book is a friendly, fuss free and compassionate guide for the moments when you're tearing your hair out and wondering if you're all alone. You're not. All parents struggle at some point - including the author. There is no right way to be a perfect mother, but a million ways to be a good one. Written by Netherlands-based Tilda Timmers is a Mom of two girls and a therapist specialising in postpartum depression. She works with parents who are not on cloud nine after giving birth, who might be feeling overwhelmed, ashamed, depressed, and anything in between. She gives them their life back, introducing them to tools they need to feel more confident, happier and above all: balanced in their new role as a parent. Tilda writes from the heart having suffered from postpartum depression with her first child. Purchase this book here.


Read Tilda’s story on our blog and follow her on Instagram here in English and here in Dutch


Lovely haze of baby days

This board book captures all the love and mayhem of navigating of life with babies. The Lovely Haze of Baby Days is meant to live among the other children's books - reminding Moms that we aren't alone in motherhood.Written by Lindsay Madsen, a Mom of 4, after becoming inspired by her own situation as she struggled in motherhood this last year, she processed her frustrations and overwhelm by making light of common stress points with rhymes about motherhood. With beautiful and relatable illustrations by Danish artist (and mother) Mie Frey Damgaard this board book both gives little ones an early and age-appropriate introduction to language while also acting as a companion piece for mothers to help them get through the tough days and the sleepless nights. Purchase this book here. Read Lindsay’s Story on our blog and take a look at her own list of 10 Meaningful Books to Give Mom in 2020.


The Motherly Guide to Becoming Mama

The online platform ‘Mother.ly’ was founded by a journalist and an entrepreneur who have 6 young kids between them. The uplifting online community full of expert tricks-of-the-trade and inspiring stories were exactly what we they were missing the first time they became moms. The platform offers expert ideas and mom-to-mom inspiration – and the Motherly team is “always looking for new ways to make mothers’ lives better”. It’s no surprise that their next step in helping mothers has led them to recently launch the new ‘inclusive, holistic, and evidence-based’ book The Motherly Guide to Becoming Mama’. By pre-ordering The Motherly Guide to Becoming Mama, you’ve gained access to a private Becoming Mama™ Facebook group, moderated by midwife, Digital Education Editor and the writer of The Motherly Guide to Becoming Mama, Diana Spalding. Additionally, in response to COVID-19, Motherly has made the Becoming Mama™ Online Birth Class free.


Purchase this book here and learn more about all that comes with it on Motherly’s websiteFollow Motherly on Instagram.


Motherly also has their own extensive gift guides available on their website and donates a portion of each purchase towards Every Mother Counts. Every Mother Counts works to achieve quality, respectful, and equitable maternity care for all by giving grants and working with partners and thought leaders to increase awareness and mobilize communities to take action.


this messy mobile life

Pakistan-born Mariam, Mom of 3, is a writer, researcher and expatriate family specialist who grew up and lived in nine countries. Her husband is German/Italian and together they have raised their children in Europe, Southeast Asia, the Middle East and Africa. In South America, a ‘mola’ is a shirt made from intricately stitched layers of patterns and cloth. Worn with pride, it represents who you are – inside and out. Mariam Ottimofiore presents a mola as the perfect metaphor for globally mobile families living between cultures, countries, languages, nationalities, identities and homes, who find their story hard to articulate. She has created the MOLA tool to help global families design and show their stories to the world. This is your ‘life by design.’ Raw, honest, inspiring and uplifting, This Messy Mobile Life comprises personal reflection, expert advice and survey research to help you take your global family from mess to mola. Purchase this book here and follow Miriam on Instagram here.  


for at home

Munchkin & Bear 

Munchkin & Bear creates children's homewares for stylish families to enjoy in shared spaces around their homes, including luxe padded playmats and beautiful storage bins. Munchkin & Bear was born after the founder Alana had her second child. Whilst she adored motherhood, she felt her home was beginning to look more like a daycare than a nurturing space. With her background in Marketing and Product Development, Alana set out to design a practical, affordable baby play mat that her stylish mumma friends would happily leave on display in their living rooms. (Basically, the opposite of the pull apart garish coloured puzzle pieces mats!) Shop the entire collection on their website and follow Munchkin & Bear on Instagram here


Marleys’s Monsters 

Founder Sarah, Mom of 2, started Marley's Monsters while on maternity leave from her career as an interior designer, waiting for the arrival of my first baby in January of 2013. She always had a passion for making anything and everything, so I knew that I wanted to make her daughter Marley something special before she was born. She pulled out her my dusty sewing machine out of the closet and taught herself how to use it - andjust kept going! She started making Marley everything she needed, always with sustainability and reusability in mind. Eventually, Sarah left her job to expand Marley’s Monsters, which now has a wonderful team to facilitate in-house production in Oregon, USA. Marley’s Monsters now offers a huge variety of sustainable products in their online shop including everyday items used both in the home & also for baby! Shop now on their website and follow Marley’s Monsters on Instagram here



Kirsty, Founder of Eco Inner Living and Mom of 3, combines her love for interior design & saving the planet by making beautiful products for in the home from plastic. After noticing the amount of litter lying around and floating in the ocean in both in Europe and in her home country, South Africa she started reading a lot about recycling and especially re-use of plastic waste and became occupied with the thought that there must be ways we can use this plastic waste for long term benefits. After discovering that PET bottles could be recycled into strong yarns and be woven and used to create home accessories, she launched Eco Inner Living and now offers a variety of blankets, pillows, rugs and more. The beautiful products look and feel like wool products andare durable, but most importantly are completely sustainable products. Eco Inner Living also works with ‘One Tree Planted’, so for every product sold, a tree is planted. Shop the Eco Inner Living home collection here


Read Kirsty’s story on our blog and follow Eco Inner Living on Facebook and Instagram

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beauty & fashion

This mum runs

Founded by Mel, Mom of 2, after struggling postpartum and desperately wanting to get back outside to run and feel fit again, This Mum Runs is now the world’s largest running community for Mums. TMR also sells fun, high quality athletic tops and sweats for Moms & kids with catchy printed phrases like ‘This Mum Runs’, ‘Fearless’, ‘Mother Runner’ and more. Read Mel’s inspirational story and learn more about This Mum Runs on our blog. Shop the entire collection on the website and follow TMR on Instagram and Facebook.

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Chic & Discreet

Chic & Discreet offers affordable breastfeeding clothes designed by Chaneen Saliee, Mom of 2 and advocate for empowered breastfeeding. Normalizing breastfeeding has become something very important to Chaneensince becoming a breastfeeding mother – especially after welcoming her second child while her first was 19-months-old and still breastfeeding – starting her on her tandem breastfeeding journey. Chaneen speaks openly about her tandem breastfeeding journey and posts gorgeous photos of herself feeding one or both of her children on her Instagram account where she strives to encourage women to be confident when breastfeeding and also have the support and privacy they need in the early weeks.


She shares her experience with other new Moms on social media and has created a business designing and selling clothes that women can easily feed their children in. "I do not believe that mothers should have to cover up but in those early days most mothers want to – and the extra support and privacy helps them to feed more confidently wherever they are” she says. Shop the Chic & Discreet collection on the website and follow Chaneen on Instagram.

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Brynn bands

Run by Mom of 1 with 1 on the way, Kristin, Brynnbands are affordable and adorable handmade scrunchiesand headbands, including matching mother/daughter sets and tons of fun prints to choose from! She often shares relatable posts about managing a small business and raising a toddler, while pregnant no less – proving that Moms really can do it all! Shop now on Etsy and follow her on Instagram or Facebook.


The Moms Co.

When Malika, Founder of the Moms Co., returned from UK to India. Her 1-year-old daughter had extremely dry skin which would get red & itchy and any exposure to chemical irritants would flare it up. A simple change seemed to help her daughter’s skin significantly - shift to a safer, natural moisturiser. But upon her return to India, she couldn’t find any natural, toxin-free products for her daughter and the only option was to import everything - from washes to diapers, even clothes with soft fabrics. After speaking to over 200 moms, she was surprised to learn that almost all Moms were searching for high quality, natural products that worked well. Malika worked with various experts over a period of 3 years to create ‘The Moms Co.’ and continues to collaborate with experts across India, Australia & Switzerland to create products that are safe, natural and meet the highest standards for ingredient safety around the world. The Moms Co now offers a wide range of skincare and haircare products for new Moms and Moms-to-be, as well as, products for babies. Shop their collection on the website and follow The Moms Co. on Instagram here.


speckled designs

These handmade clay earrings, made by American Mom of 2, Amanda, who lives in Montana, are to die for! As a stay at home homeschooling Mom she needed a creative outlet she could do during nap time and after bedtime. She fell in love with making clay earrings and suddenly I had an abundance of earrings laying around and decided to sell them – and we are so glad she did! A perfect gift idea for anyone who loves unique jewelry – shop her full collection on her website and follow her on Instagram here.

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for baby & kids

Harper & Olive

This Mom of 3, based in Seattle, Washington, USA has always been passionate about clothing since she was a child. She was inspired to create Harper 'n Olive, to share some of her favorite styles and designs for her own little ones. Her mission is to use sustainable products; items created from natural resources that are both trendy and safe for our children, and our environment. She believes that if we make an effort to take care of our families and planet, they will take care of us in return. 2 meals are donated to children in Kenya with every purchase. Shop the full collection now on the website and follow Harper & Olive on Instagram here.

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The Simple Folk Co. 

The Simple Folk is our minimalist line of nature-inspired, ethical, organic, and high-comfort play clothes that are easy to wear, easy to wash, and easy on the senses, so they can support your children for years to come.Created by two Moms who had been on a similar journey that had awakened them to the beauty of gentle parenting, minimalism, free play, natural and organic materials, and eco-friendly living. With a goal to bring fair, ethical, and sustainable practices to the fashion industry while also caring for the well-being of little ones worldwide – their shop offers a wide variety of items both for women and children. The Simple Folk also supports the Kikulu Foundation and their dedication to unlocking the potential of children in Uganda through access to quality education. Shop the entire collection on the website and follow The Simple Folk on Instagram here.


moon sling

Moon is founded by 2 Mamas, from opposite sides of the world who came together in Amsterdam through their love of all things ring slings. Claire, a designer originally from South Africa is mum to Levi. Olivia, mum to Bo and originally from London, left her previous job in 2017 to set up her own boutique baby shop in Amsterdam.Both girls share the fundamental belief that there’s no better way to hold your little one than heart to heart with ring slings the unsung heros of babywearing. Moon slings are available in a growing range of beautiful colours. They are incredibly practical, simple to use, store and transport. Shop the entire collection on the website and follow Moonsling on Instagram here.


big life journal

Creators of the Big Life Journal, Alexandra & Scott created the Big Life Journal for their son Mikey so that he could grow up to be a positive, resilient, confident human being who strives to achieve great things in life. The website now includes a wide variety of journals and cards, to encourage kids to be confident and resilient with high self-esteem and ambition to achieve great things in life – as well as, other printables, teaching guides, posters and even a Web TV series (for children ages 4-10 & 11+).  Shop the entire collection on the website and follow the Big Life Journal on Instagram here



Devour Tours 

Dreaming of a delicious dinner out or even a trip somewhere romantic? This food tour company in Spain, founded by Mom of twins, Lauren, has still managed to figure out how to keep connecting people over food, even if they cannot get together (or actually enjoy tapas in Spain!). Devour Tours has published two digital cookbooks, including a holiday cookbook, filled with fantastic local recipes that home cooks can make to feel closer to Europe and offers interactive online cooking classes, hosted by some of their local guides. The classes are truly interactive, lots of fun and teach you some of the best dishes you taste on our tours! A truly unique – and tasty gift – which can be done anywhere! Read Lauren’s story on our blog and check out their virtual cooking class offerings on the website. Follow Devour Tours on Instagram here.

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Resources & Support

Support for expecting Mamas (Doula or pre/ postnatal support): Sometimes the best support you can gift to expecting parents is – support! Ask the couple if they plan to use any local resources like doulas, and other pre- & postnatal specialists - or even a professional photographer! - and consider gifting them this service (or a gift card/donation). 


alone time

Massage, facial or other beauty treatments – or simply ALONE TIME!

Busy Moms often skip their own haircuts or other services which they see as a ‘treat’ for themselves – a gift card combined with some free time to take care of themselves is always a good idea (even just because)! 


Are you a Mom with your own business and are  interested in being featured in our gift guide?

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