“Your child has a condition called Down Syndrome”, she said. I was shocked.

On October 14, 2014, I gave birth to a baby boy, Avyan. As his new, proud parents were on top of the world after seeing him, but suddenly the doctors explained that he needed oxygen. Unfortunately, we were very unlucky and at that moment oxygen was not available in the hospital, but our strong Avyan kept breathing, and I remember how beautiful he was to me.

As his mother, who immediately loved him unconditionally, I was unaware of such things, but then doctor explained that his head size was actually smaller than normal. He continued to tell us that he believed that Avyan will still be able to do everything in his life but maybe a bit later than other kids...that was all we were told, no official diagnosis or actual problem to worry about was confirmed to us back then.

I, as a mother was very happy with my child - he is my “aankho ka Tara” (someone who is very dear to my heart). I cared for him a lot which every mother does. Day by day, time passed and he didn’t sleep well at night but I was not worried as many children struggle with sleep, but after observing him for 1 month I started to wonder a bit about how he looked, a little different than other babies but I was still very unaware of his problem and loved him so much just as he was.

2 years passed and one day Avyan became very ill so we went to the hospital with him. While we were waiting for the doctor I noticed that the doctors had written something on my child’s prescription… DS. So, I asked the nurse what does it mean? “Your child has a condition called Down Syndrome”, she said. I was shocked.

As a mother I started to imagine what a terrible situation it could be for Avyan as children in India with Down Syndrome are not treated very well. Hearing this news, I was initially so disappointed and shocked, but I wanted to be strong and continue to accept him just as he is. From that moment, I knew this would be my life's biggest challenge and I was determined to give Avyan the best life possible.

After coming home from the doctor, I started to Google everything about Down Syndrome and read as much as possible about it. At first, I was really struggling with our new reality, but I held myself together and pushed forward. Eventually we learned about types of therapies which work well with Down Syndrome children and I started to explore options near us. It took time for me to find the right program for Avyan and we had many failed attempts with other therapists and I sometimes felt discouraged, but I always joined him at therapy and also did my own core work with him at home with full enthusiasm. It is really my main task in life, to care for him and help him grow.

While he made a lot of progress in therapy, he also had more difficult times in between, including complex heart surgeries. Some doctors warned that a Down Syndrome child would not cope well with such a surgery and that he would have high risk infection factors but again, I was focused on providing the best life possible for Avyan and decided to go through with the procedure. I focused on caring for him during his recovery and he was all well within 3 months - no infections touched him!

I have lots of fights with my family regarding my son’s precautions, it has been a difficult journey for all of us involved and requires my complete attention and I feel very responsible for his future.

His life is literally in my hands.

Gradual therapies and lessons with the talented teachers are working and he is making wonderful progress. I also worked very hard at home to make improvements with my child, the child who was called the ‘most hyper child’who can't sit for a second, the most arrogant, who hits, who throws things, who didn’t recognize his own parents, who didn’t stop running, who didn’t comprehend any single thing, who didn’t speak, who didn’t walk until 2 years old....is now just opposite of all that I just mentioned. My child, who doctors called “hopeless”, is now studying at a reputed school and doing so well! From one day to the next my boy has transformed to a nearly ‘normal child’. It has been amazing to witness.

I have done extensive research to learn my own techniques to help Avyan at home and the program, Mom's Belief, has really helped me and therefore, Avyan, the most of all therapies so far. I have been following online learning and development plans from them for about a year now and their support for me and Avyan made an immediate impact.

Today, Avyan is doing very well in everyday life and also in school. I never refer to him as a ‘special child’ in that sense, of course he is special in many other ways, my beautiful boy! He even participates in many dance events and fashion shows and loves to be on stage!

I want to share my story to build awareness about Down Syndrome and to tell the world about the hidden talents of children with Down Syndrome, which can be awakened with just a little bit of hard work on the parents’ side. Not every mother can predict how her story will turn out...but no matter what life brings to you, my biggest piece of advice is to never give up, anything can be possible in this world for you and your child!

- Chandni – Mom of Avyan (Lucknow, India)

Mom’s Belief is India’s Largest holistic care provider for Children with Special Needs. The programs are innovation and research driven and are led by a team of professionals from the field of child psychology and psychiatry, neuro-pediatrics, speech and language, occupational and sensory integration therapy, art and music therapy and special education. 

Mom’s Belief provides help or support through the Iconic Home Program, Therapy Centres & Inclusive Schools across the globe. The vision of Mom’s Belief is to improve the lives of those affected by neurodevelopmental delays and to empower parents with resources, training and ongoing mentoring.

Learn more about Mom’s Belief on their website: https://momsbelief.com

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