I wanted to promote inclusion and help other families learn about the world.

I a Mom of 5, (ages 9, 7, 5, 2, & 4 months) based in San Jose, California. My husband and I met in high school and got married 7 years later. We had our first child about 2.5 years after we got married. With my first, delivery took a long time. My water had broken, and they eventually needed to induce labor since I was not contracting. My other labors and deliveries were very fast - almost too fast! 

We are now a family of 7 who feels passionately about learning through exploring, both here at home in the Bay Area, as well as all over the world. To date, we’ve traveled to 62 countries – 43 of those with kids in tow! We’ve lived across the East and West coasts of the United States, and have visited 49 US states.

Travel has been eye-opening for us in terms of culture, food, lifestyles, the arts, and mostly the people. We hope to inspire curiosity and connection in all of our friends here, as well. To help you do that, we love sharing tips, tricks, and itineraries online.

But we don’t think travel is the only way to inspire global education. We firmly believe learning about the world can be wonderful for all families, even when exploring right from your home.

I work as a writer, about 10-20 hours per week. I write about raising curious, connected, capable kids through family travel and global education at home and abroad. I believe in inclusion!

Managing life with 5 children can get a bit chaotic, but we talk through a lot of schedules and my husband is super supportive. On March 13th, 2020 we found out our schools would be closed, and that church was cancelled which greatly impacted our usual routine. My husband and I have rotated days helping kids with schoolwork in the morning. I also help my kids with music practice, and we switch off with childcare. I nurse the baby and he changes her. The big kids are also helpful with doing chores and they all love playing outside together!

It’s actually given more opportunity for my husband to be involved in childcare and schooling, which has been great. I’ve felt more drive and opportunity during this time for my work. My husband has also had some paid time off from his employer for this time, which has been enormously helpful.

I’m a book club lover. I’m currently in 3 book clubs, and have been a part of at least 1 at all times for more than a decade. I love the discussion, the insights, and the push to read. I love the commitment and encouragement. And the idea of a children’s book club delights me to no end.

I’ve been heartbroken by some recent events in the United States. We need more kindness and compassion, more understanding and curiosity and empathy. We need more inclusion.

A friend challenged us to use our voices and to act within our sphere of influence. She reminded me we can all do something.

So with that in mind, I decided to host a virtual children’s book club this summer, from June 10 – July 5, with books that take place in or are influenced by countries from around the world. Both on my website and on Instagram, I’ll be helping our family and anyone else who would like to join learn more about a wide variety of peoples, countries, communities, and experiences.

The book club will include both picture books, and chapter books to make it accessible to children of all ages.  We’ll have 26 picture books for 26 countries (one for each letter of the alphabet), plus an extra day for Juneteenth. To go along with that, we’ll have some fun activities and recipes on the blog, and an incredible passport book printable from Becca at Hadley Designs.

We’ll also have a quick (10ish minute) discussion on my Instagram, which I’ll make fun whether or not you’re able to read the book yourself. Best of all, we’ll have some of the authors doing read alouds of their books over on my Instagram, so be sure to follow along over there!

For the chapter books, we’ll have one per month for each month of (US) summer – June, July, and August. I’ll provide some discussion questions and prompts on my blog, and lead a brief weekly discussion of a section of the book over on Instagram.

We’ll do a small thing to help us all become more comfortable with and appreciative of difference. It’s a little something we can all do to plant seeds of connection, acceptance, and love. We hope you can join us!

Want to sign up? Stay in the know with all the most important info related to the virtual book club by popping in your name and email address over on my website. Read more on that same page for more information on how it will work!

You can follow Preethi and learn more about the virtual global book club on her website and social media accounts! 




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