"I see the pandemic as a 'portal'. An opportunity to be creative and work together."

Natasha Rekhi, Mom of 2, and an experienced drama & theatre teacher needed to quickly adapt her usual routine as a teacher and as a Mom once schools closed in Amsterdam where she lives, back in March. She became determined continue to offer fun and creative curriculum to her students, as well as successfully manage to homeschool & entertain her own children - but also to share her ideas with other parents, "No one needs to do this all on their own. It's an opportunity to be creative and work together as a community to make it through." she says.

"75% of the world's population believe that they are not living up to their creative potential.

More than half of that number believe that they are highly creative during periods of uncertainty or economic downturn. Being creative during times of crisis is really core to our survival. It requires us to come up with new ideas and ingenious ways of doing things." she continues.

"There is so much 'wealth' in your own home. Many of my DIY ideas came out of things I found in my house. Sometimes going 'back to basics' is a great way to spark creativity and encourage your kids to use their imagination. I wanted to help other parents do the same." Natasha told us during our video interview together.

Watch the full video to hear all of Natasha's tips and read more below:

Managing the pressure of 'doing it all' during the pandemic

  1. Set a routine to keep some structure at home

  2. Don't try to ace everything all by yourself! Reach out to the bigger community for support

  3. If you are able to, volunteer some time to help other parents (asking them to do the same) and 'share the load' of homeschool or fun activities, babysitting etc.

Educating and entertaining kids during the pandemic

  1. Keep a (relaxed) routine even during school breaks

  2. Get your kids involved at home: with cooking or gardening, projects around the house

  3. Find ways to 'collaborate and create' - give them tasks and work together

  4. Incorporate creative and interactive activities

Read Natasha's tips for parents to nurture creativity amongst young children


Watch Natasha's instructions for 3 creative activities to do at home with your kids

  1. Kitchen Glove Finger Puppets

  2. Portable Drama Game

  3. Cereal Box Theatre

Other helpful resources with creative ideas to do at home:

Khan Academy


Storyline Online


Busy Toddler https://busytoddler.com

Days with Grey


Play at Home Mummy


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